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Pakistan Art & Culture

Elegant but derelict old Hindu stone temples are visible in Rawalpindi, Lahore and many smaller towns on the plains.

Islamic architecture is associated with the Moghuls, though Pakistan has some examples from the Delhi Sultanates period Ė eg Multanís beautiful shrine of Sheikh Rukhn-i-Alam. The Moghuls encouraged a fusion of Persia, Indian and Local styles in palaces, mosques, tombs and pleasure ground; Pakistanís best are at Lahore, including Jahangirís Tomb, Shalimar Gardens, Badshahi Mosque and the multi-faceted Lahore fort.

In their cantonments, the British encouraged a marginally inspiring blend of Gothic and Moghul styles. A good example is the red sandstone Lahore Museum.



Pakistanís finest sculptural treasures are from the so-called Gandharan school, a synthesis of Graeco-Roman style and Indian forms encouraged from the 3rd century BC to           

History of Pakistan
British Times
Pakistan After Independence


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